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Resource Coordination, Mental Wellness, Civic Engagement, COVID-19 Prevention & Response, Anti-Asian Hate Advocacy, KITHS Kitchen, Khmer Language Access Support Services (KLASS), From Genocide to Tableside, Coffee & Conversations, Bee's Light & Legacy Fund, TEACH, Community Corner

KITHS Kitchen (and Garden / Emergency Pantry)


Purpose: The purpose of this program is to address food insecurity among community members currently residing in the Olney-Logan neighborhood of Philadelphia. KITHS' Kitchen promotes nutrition and self-sufficiency by helping members obtain access to culturally affirming and immediate nutritious food supplies and connecting with long term services to sustain their food needs. 

Coffee, Conversations & Community 

Purpose: The purpose of this program is to provide an opportunity for immigrant and refugee adults and older adults to gather in a safe space to share stories and have coffee (and other food items) with various community members. These social and community gatherings could help decrease social isolation, build and promote positive relationships, and improve mental health among this group. This project also allows for community members to have a voice to discuss concerns relevant to the immigrant and refugee communities and begin to put into action changes that elevate immigrants and refugees.  


Community Corner

Purpose: The purpose of this program is to actively share community resources using all forms of communication & media (i.e., social media, vlogs, print, mailings, reels, stories, etc.). The resources will include "How to's" in the English and Khmer language. 


From Genocide to Tableside

Purpose: The purpose of this program is to provide a safe space for people to gather and converse about the history of refugees and immigrants currently residing in Philadelphia, their resettlement experiences, their triumph over trauma, and their determination to recover from the atrocities of genocide. These conversations can bring to light the strength of a community and ideas for continued growth fulfilling KITHS’ mission to provide opportunities that can lead to self-sufficiency within the immigrant and refugee communities. This project also allows for space to discuss lack of visibility when compared to more dominant communities, equal access to resources, and change the narrative about immigrants and refugees residing in Philadelphia. 

Resource Coordination

Purpose: The purpose of this program is to connect individuals with appropriate resources, conduct assessments to determine overall service needs, and monitor and advocate for the individual’s needs. The goal is to ensure that community members remain in the community/home by assisting them with their needs to live independently while promoting self-sufficiency

KITHS 7.31.21 event (4).jpg

TEACH - Together, Everyone Achieves & Community Heals

Purpose: The purpose of this program is to interrupt violence among youth residing in Northwest Philadelphia neighborhoods by providing space for youth to engage with each other through dialogue, advocacy and action - more information to come...


KITHS also supports community members with the following:


Understanding Tax Credits (EITC / VITA)

Linkage to an Affordable Connectivity Program

Partnership with Hepatitis B Foundation to provide screenings in the community

Partnership with the Office of Information Technology to enhance technology education 

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