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bee's light & legacy fund

Thearack “Bee” Tham Kith was born to immigrant parents and was the youngest of 3 siblings. He was kind, loving and forgiving. He was loved by anyone and everyone who had the privilege of knowing him. In the 34 years he walked this earth, he made an impact. He was full of light. That light, however, was darkened too soon.

On October 7, 2019, Bee was called home. He had been battling with addiction since his early 20’s. He sought help from family and traditional treatments such as detoxification hospitalization and rehabilitation, which led to many sober days, weeks, and months. He had plans. He loved cooking. He loved his family. He wanted to help people struggling with addiction like he did.

KITHS will shine Bee’s light and carry on his legacy through a fund created to help individuals who are struggling with addiction and are in recovery. 

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